[v1.1.57] LoE Client - Update Log

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[v1.1.57] LoE Client - Update Log

Post by Devwarlt on Thu Apr 14, 2016 6:18 pm

(v1.1.57) Update Log

Server Issues:
- Database optimized to handle 40 players online without lag or external interview during gameplay;
- Ticket per second changed to 9 packets;
- Database compatible with actual software WampServer and MySQL for x64 OS;
- Removed links to access old servers (sv1 and sv2);
- Added Sprite World and Undead Lair maps and behaviors script;
- Added new items*;
- Added almost +25% on all classes stats (basis Kabam's Production Source to build it);
- Stablished server to security gameplay;
- Fixed SavedCharacter bug when players trying to go to different place to deposit or keep items;
- Added new Nexus and Vault maps by Devwarlt (Dark Theme);

Visual Issues:
- Added "%" button notification on Fame, HP and MP bars. This button located in Options>Extras;
- Added new "Status" button to notify actual status of your character;
- Added "Rotation Accelerator" button. this button located in Options>Extras;
- Changed Copyright, Version, Credits and Forum settings;
- Changed all fonts to bold type;
- Added Skins;
- Added Realm System;
- Added Merchant System (without discount feature);
- Added Locked Boxes System, in beta (basis Omniraptor's Realms Resolution Source);
- Added initial equipment stuffs, T0 armor + T0 ability + T1 armor + T0 ring for beginners;
- Added Realm Events;
- Added Key System;
- Added Portal System;

New items*:

This source is made by LoE Team, actually it's our custom source.

Special thanks to:
- me (to keep this project alive);
- Luke (started to code with me);
- Creepylava's Source;
- Fabiano's Source (our behavior scripts based in this source);
- Kithio's Source (source basis to start code);
- Riigged (for explain about AS3 client);

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