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Post by ShereKhan on Wed Jun 01, 2016 11:37 pm

Real Name: Matt


Skype(If you have one):lionnurse (I'm not chinese but the name pops up as chinese letters)

Why you would like to be part of LoE Staff: I can help many people with questions on the server or on forums. I am pretty knowledgeable about ROTMG and can help answer players' questions. I can help forums and help monitor what people are doing and report them to an owner if they should be banned or talked with. I have been on many different ROTMG pservers before and know how things work. I can be on up to 4-5 hours on weekdays and all I can weekends.

What you think you can do to help the server: I want this rank because I think I'm very hard working and trustworthy on any server I work and play with . I work hard to be the first person to answer a question that someone asks. And I'm trustworthy because one time an Owner of a server gave me his ip for the database to the server and told me to hold onto it until he's back from his trip and I made sure no one had gotten it and I reset the password everyday, I got his trust so quickly that he gave me Co-Founder

Strengths that you have: Being Asked first for questions since I'm known by many from Enjins on ROTMG Private Servers

Weaknesses you have: Being spammed or ddosed by people who take bans / mutes the wrong way

Some words about yourself as a person and how the community of LoE Views you: I'm a Mexican, Yes yes a Mexican not an immigrant though I was born in Mexico of Zacatecas hometown too my father and was moved to America, In America I lived in a mediocre town where Mexicans roamed as free as they could.

My Personality growing up wasn't very much I was a shy kid who played with his friends I was the tiny quiet one so my friends called me ''Mateo, el niƱo silencioso'' as in English Matthew the Silent Boy, As years passed and my Mother sadly passed away at age 50 to pancreas cancer I grew dull-er sitting at home being home schooled by my Father as he couldn't afford school.


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